Sam T.

We have a family member, with complex mental impairment, that was arrested for a very serious and violent crime. We were already preparing for a long sentence and almost surrendered our family member to public defenders. We needed an attorney that we could trust, one who is familiar and aggressive with criminal defense, and who is also assertive in developing complex issues. Luckily we were introduced, by our family attorney, to Angeli.

Angeli explained that the authorities only get statements from witnesses that would help the DA. Within the same day, she was able to procure a very competent investigator who quickly and effective gathered witness statements favorable to our case.

Our case also involved complex medical and psychiatric components. Angeli's expertise in finding compassionate, and courtroom credible, expert witnesses strengthened our case tremendously. 

In short, not only is Angeli competent and aggressive, she is most importantly compassionate. She immediately gained our trust. She afforded extra attention to family members that needed additional support. Her approach is very holistic and seems to not only concentrate on the legal defense, but also the rehabilitation of the individual and his family. 

David K.

When someone on Yelp has only 5 star reviews, you know what you're going to get.

Disclaimer: I didn't actually contract with Angeli for legal services - she actually told me that she didn't think I needed her help with my case. Meanwhile I had other lawyers ready to take thousands off of my hands, purporting to represent me when I didn't need the representation.

Angeli spent a couple different phone calls with me asking about the details of my case, and then advising me on how to proceed on my own. In the end my charges were dropped - given that I hadn't done anything wrong - and  I never needed a lawyer, but she had also prepared me on how to proceed should anything change. She was quick to respond to my requests to speak and generous with her time. I came away with solid legal coaching at no cost.

I'm convinced that the best lawyer is an honest one who won't take your money when they don't think you need to spend it. I won't even consider another attorney should I need criminal defense representation in the future. 

Jose R.

Unfortunately I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I woke up in jail not knowing what I was arrested for nor what I was being charged with. After spending the day in jail I was released with very little knowledge of what occurred the night before. Scared to death that the charges would ruin my professional career and potentially a termination  from my employer, I spent hours looking for a good attorney to fight my case. A close and trust worthy friend recommended Angeli Fitch.

I did not waste any time and immediately called Angeli. Angeli was very patient and professional over the phone. She asked a lot of questions about the events that occurred the night before and she even asked specific questions that I forgot to bring to her attention, which was critical in my case. After conducing a questions and comments over the phone, we scheduled a next day face-to-face meeting. Angeli has the experience and knowledge to answer all yours  questions and explain the different steps your case will go through in  the complex  court system.  

Angeli thank you very much for helping me during these dark times. My family and I are grateful for all your hard work and dedication. 

Edward P.

Angeli Fitch is an outstanding attorney. She is very honest, knows the  right people and makes you feel like you are her only client. She also makes it a point to do everything in her power to get you the results you are looking for in a case. I recommend her highly to anyone seeking legal advice or representation. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Scott M.

Ms. Fitch is both personable and professional. I felt extremely comfortable with her. She took my case with utmost regard and was always available. I am more than happy with the results of my trial and I would recommend her to any and everyone I know. She is very proficient at her craft. 

Eddie L.

Angeli helped me tremendously and was very patient and generous. She took time to speak with my father and address his concerns. She referred me to an excellent lawyer who specialized in exactly the area I needed  help with. I hope that I never need to hire Angeli, but I would call her firm first if I were accused of something. Thank you Angeli for helping me during a very difficult time. You really helped my family when we needed it.  

Melissa K.

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in the San Francisco area, look no further. Angeli Fitch is relentless when it comes to  working with her clients. She will "hold" your hand and walk you through  the whole legal system and process. Her passion is her work...she even  takes your call on weekends and during vacation!! I had the pleasure of working with Angeli on a case and will definitely be referring individuals in the future to Angeli Fitch. 

Ambere S.

Angeli is a force to be reckoned with-which is exactly what you want when you need assistance with the legal system here in San Francisco!   

She is admired and respected by her peers, revered by her clients and opponents know to beware when she walks in the court room. The  perfect blend of compassion, care and ferocity! 

Sherie R.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes you get lucky enough to meet a REAL Attorney that cares about her clients, engages very professionally, follows up (even on Sundays). 

Attorney Fitch is ethical (Angeli mailed me a check for overpayment) and she makes you feel like you are her only client. It is not very often in life that we meet professional, educated people that are unpretentious; Attorney Fitch is an exemplary woman. She is very easy to talk with, smart, has a sense of humor and is very emotionally intelligent. 

If she is your Defense Attorney the likelihood of winning your case is high; however the likelihood that she will take care of you; ease your mind and keep pushing hard for you is even higher. 

The Staff at the Fitch Law Office is pretty rockin too. It's a small practice but all heart and soul. The Criminal Justice system is horrible as we know it; Attorney Fitch is someone that provides a soft place to land in a land of concrete and black holes.